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The Arizona Chapter is now accepting nominations to serve on the Board of Directors for the following positions:

Arizona Chapter

  • Arizona Chapter President-Elect
  • Arizona Vice President for Legislative Affairs
  • Arizona Chapter Secretary
  • Arizona Chapter Director at Large
  • Arizona Chapter Director at Large

Arizona Sections

  • North Central Section Director
  • Southern Section Assistant Director
  • Southern Section Secretary
  • Southern Section Member at Large

The deadline to submit your name and information to appear on the ballot is May 15, 2021, and you can click here to begin the self-nomination process: APA Elections (

Please contact Dan Folke with any questions or issues with the portal:

Here is what current members are saying about serving on the board:

“If you are relatively recent AICP member, congratulations!  If you are even thinking about becoming an AICP Fellow someday, and you are not poised to be the next Jane Jacobs, get involved now in your chapter or National APA.”  -  Jerry Stabley,  APA AZ Chapter President

“I volunteered on the board initially in 2013 and decided to run as Director at Large and finally President Elect after I saw what a great group it is and how  it helps you grow in your career through peer mentoring.  I have never once thought of not being on the board in some way almost 8 years later.  I encourage everyone to volunteer or run for the board to see what you can do to grow and improve the chapter and your career by really participating one on one with the chapter members.”  -  Jessica Sarkissian, AICP, APA AZ Past President

 "I encourage all planners to be involved in APA Arizona. I've served as the Vice President for Professional Development and Treasurer, and managed the Women Planning Group. This is your chance to make a difference in the planning field, support the profession and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. The best rewards include the camaraderie with all the planners on the board and those that you get to interact with at conferences and events. I've made strong, supportive, life-long friends by serving on the board." -  Sandra Hoffman, AICP, Women in Planning Group

“Working with FAICP candidates was inspirational; it reminded me that the impact planners have on their community is profound.  At the same time, APA Arizona has a wonderful opportunity to continue important conversations about national and local social issues.  As planners, we need to recognize the impact of past policies and be part of the creation of new policies that can make our communities more accessible and equitable.”  -  Dan Folke, AICP, Chapter Director at-Large

 “As planners, we are a diverse coalition serving a variety of communities across the state and beyond. Whether it's zoning, transportation, environment, public health or another angle, I am in awe of the compilation of the work we all do, together. And it brings me joy to celebrate that coalition and support Arizona APA by elevating the work that inspires us all to keep serving, innovating, and coming together to solve problems.” - Ryan Wozniak, AICP, Chapter Director at-Large

“While I am new to the board, my time of service has allowed me to forge personal and professional relationships and provided me with unique opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. The networking and insight are invaluable. I only hope I can give back as much as I have received.” – Tristan Black, AICP, Southern Section Member at-Large