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Instructions for Resume Placement: 

E-mail your resume in the form of a Word document to APA Arizona at info@azplanning.org. Please include any additional instructions, as well as the run time for the resume. Maximum posting time is six months.

Available for Internship:

Bianca Reeves (Posted 10/19/21)

My name is Bianca Reaves. I came across this on your website. I am looking for internships at a PhD level in the field of Clinical Psychology to complete practicum and internship towards graduation. 

Josh Woody (Posted 7/27/2021)
Hello, my name is Joshua Woody. I am a senior at Arizona State University graduating this May with a BS in Urban Planning and a GIS Certificate. I am new to Arizona, transferring from the University of Kansas, but I came here specifically due to the unique role planners can serve here in a rapidly growing state with an abundance of environmental and economic hurdles. I have a good amount of experience in transportation and land use planning as well as GIS, but I am interested in learning more about every facet of the planning process before I move forward into my career or a Master's program next year.