Available for Internship

Instructions for Resume Placement: 

E-mail your resume in the form of a Word document to APA Arizona at info@azplanning.org. Please include any additional instructions, as well as the run time for the resume. Maximum posting time is six months.

Available for Internship:

Nicole Nelson (7/8/2020)

I am a senior Arizona State University majoring in Urban Planning with a minor in Real Estate (expected graduation Dec. 2020). I am interested in learning more about all processes related to urban planning and real estate; planning and zoning, permits, code enforcement, plan review, and community development would be a great start. If an internship opportunity is not available, would someone be interested in mentoring or allowing me to shadow them for a day or more days .

Amanda Caravaggio (5/19/2020)

I’m a fourth year student in Environmental Studies streaming in Urban and Regional at York University.  I’m looking for an internship (unpaid)/volunteer position for summer 2021 as I will be graduating April 2021.  I’m looking to expand my knowledge in planning specifically in Arizona because I believe Arizona is a fast growing state with lots of opportunities for development.  My areas of interest include sustainable urbanism, development, transportation planning, gentrification, urban design, and urban ecology.

Kendra Ellner (4/8/2020

Seeking a summer internship opportunity related to planning to integrate my skills and knowledge into the field as I pursue my Master's degree in Urban and Environmental Planning.