2023 State Planning Conference

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Call for Sessions - 2023 Arizona State Planning Conference, Sept 6-8

2023 AZ State Planning Conference, Sept 6-8

Proposals due Friday May 5, 2023

It’s time to submit your sessions for the 2023 Arizona State Planning Conference at the Wigwam – Arizona, in Litchfield Park September 6th through the September 8th. Your session will add that missing piece to the exciting speakers, events, and tours we have planned for you this year!

The New Frontier is about exploring what can be accomplished when themes we’ve talked about become reality; trends and awareness in digitalization, sustainability, policy, and inclusivity, just to name a few. From the urban core to our rural edges Arizonans are blending the divide, tackling issues, and setting the precedent like never before. This year’s theme will be emphasized with five tracks below, and even one track specifically to highlight what is happening in Arizona’s small towns and rural communities.

We encourage you to submit all types of proposal ideas this year. You can form a panel, perform a skit, any topic and method goes. The conference committee will find where it fits best, just keep it interesting and informative. Let’s adventure into the New Frontier together!

Healthy Systems – Infrastructure, Transportation, Power, Water, Wastewater, Food and Agriculture

Framework & Strategy – Policy, Standards, Professional Development, Multidisciplinary Approaches, Culture and Inclusivity, Implementation of Alternative Funding

Home Sweet Home – Housing, Affordability, Redevelopment, Zoning, Accessibility

Preserving for the Future – Sustainability Solutions, Historic and Community Preservation, Environmental and Climate Considerations

Small Town and Rural – Hot Topics, Challenges and Innovations in Non-Metropolitan Areas

If you have any questions, please contact either, Robert Kuhfuss at robert.kuhfuss@peroiaaz.gov or Sarah Dircks at sarah.dircks@peoriaaz.gov

Download the flyer here