APA AZ Mentorship Program Overview

Each year, the Arizona Chapter of the American Planning Association (AZ-APA) welcomes students and young professionals into its annual mentorship program. With a goal of developing the next generation of planning professionals, mentees ready to grow into the planning profession are paired with experienced planning professionals eager to guide mentees toward professional success. With a blend of structured professional development and networking opportunities and flexible opportunities to grow relationships between mentees and mentors, the Mentorship Program is an excellent way to begin working toward professional and personal goals as a planner in Arizona.

In joining the AZ-APA Mentorship Program, mentees and mentors alike join in the American Planning Association’s mission to support healthy relationships between planning professionals old and young. Participants work to strengthen mentor-mentee relationships in the state of Arizona, which provide crucial long-term benefits for both individuals and the planning profession as a whole.

Become a Mentor!

The AZ-APA Mentorship Program is recruiting new mentors for the 2023-2024 Mentorship Program! The program is seeking mentors who are:

- Experienced in a career or in planning, urban development, housing, environmental management, or other related careers (planning education, too!)

- Passionate about growing the planning profession in Arizona

- Are seeking to make a lifelong impact on young professionals and planning students

Mentors maintain positive and encouraging relationships with 1-2 young professionals and/or students each year. Mentors are paired with mentees based on career goals, location, and personal interests to ensure constructive relationships which can benefit both mentors and mentees. Each relationship is different, and mentors receive freedom to build relationships with mentees in a manner most constructive to both the mentor and the mentee.

Mentorship can provide many benefits, including:

- Improving leadership skills

- Building relationships with other experienced professionals in the Chapter

- Guiding the future of the planning profession in Arizona

- Building future recruitment and growth for mentor’s organization

- Gaining a sense of renewed purpose and new approaches to problem-solving

- Sharing wisdom and finding new perspectives

- Collecting service hours and volunteer experience

Pro bono CM credits are available for participation in the mentorship program. Please contact azapamentorshipprogram@gmail.com for more information.

Interested in joining the program as a mentor? Click here to sign up!

Get Mentored!

The AZ-APA Mentorship Program is recruiting new cohort members for the 2023-2024 Mentorship Program. The program is seeking students and young professionals who are:

- Ready to take the next steps in growing their planning careers

- Seeking to build positive and constructive relationships with experienced planning professionals

- Looking to build applied knowledge in the planning profession

- Prepared to make the most of their membership with AZ-APA

Mentees are paired with an experienced planning professional to guide them through the program. This relationship is guided by the personal and professional goals of the mentee. Mentees enjoy a range of opportunities to work alongside their mentor to:

- Grow their knowledge of the planning profession in Arizona

- Network with other professionals of all ages and levels of experience

- Build long-lasting relationships with planners around the state

- Learn about the AICP program and take steps toward professional certification

- Gain access to a rare opportunity to professional connections and opportunities far beyond any job search or online networking.

Joining a Mentorship Program cohort is the foremost opportunity for building relationships and receiving personalized opportunities to reach personal and professional goals!

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How to Apply

Fill out the AZ-APA Mentorship Program Application for Mentors and Mentees! The application deadline has been extended to October 9, 2023 at 12:00pm MST. Due to limited availability, please fill out the application as thoroughly as possible to aid in the selection process. If you are a student applying for the program, a faculty letter of recommendation must be submitted by the deadline to azapamentorshipprogram@gmail.com in order to be considered.


2023-2024 AZ-APA Mentorship Program Schedule

Each year’s Mentorship Program is made up of structured group gatherings and networking sessions, one-on-one events, and other individual opportunities which form as mentors and mentees work together. Students also receive regular opportunities to join AZ-APA networking and education events. Events are held in-person and virtually.

Fall Session

October 9, 2023 – Application deadline for 2023-2024 Mentorship Program

October 9, 2023 – Mentor pairings announced, introductions for mentors and mentees

October 20, 2023 – 2023-2024 Kickoff – Networking and opportunities to connect with other cohort members and mentors, develop SMART goals with mentors

November 17, 2023 – SMART Goals Workshop – Work with mentors to create goals for the next year and share what skills will be focused on together for professional development. Mentors/Mentees will share SMART Goals and enjoy time networking and connecting as Program members.

December 2023 – AZ-APA Holiday Networking Event – Join AZ-APA Chapter members for a night of celebration, networking, and collaboration! Mentors and mentees alike grow relationships with other Chapter members and gain more information about AZ-APA programs. (Location and Date TBD).

Many more events are added to the AZ-APA Calendar each month, and mentors and mentees meet often to explore professional opportunities and personal interests together throughout the year. Watch for updates on this page!