Chapter-Only Membership

Join the Arizona Chapter Only (Non-Student)

The Arizona Chapter is a group of individuals  interested in planning for Arizona’s future.  The membership includes practitioners, elected and appointed officials, attorneys,  academicians, and students. Chapter-Only membership dues are only $55 annually.

The Arizona Chapter serves you through:


Publication of the chapter newsletter, Arizona Planning providing news concerning the profession, the association, and members’ activities.


Sponsorship of American Institute of Certified Planners’ exam workshops and preparation guides. Presentation of APA Arizona awards in recognition of outstanding projects and planners.


Legislative Affairs: Monitoring and influencing planning-related legislation.
Inter-organizational affairs: Fostering cooperation with other professional groups through joint sponsor-ships of workshops and information exchange forums.


Improving awareness of the value of planning by offering a Chapter membership option to students and citizen  planners and assisting Arizona’s communities through a planning  advisory and referral service. 


Southern and North–Central sectional meetings featuring speakers, discussion of timely issues and projects, and field trips. 


A business, social, and educational conference. 

Chapter-Only Restrictions

As a Chapter-Only member, you will not be entitled to:

  • National APA publications, or other National APA services, such as legislative representation in Washington.
  • Eligibility as members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).
  • A discount at the national APA conference.
  • The ability to vote in national APA elections.

Arizona Chapter-Only Application

To proceed with the Chapter-Only Application, complete the application and register online. Support the planning profession in Arizona by joining today. 

If you have questions about membership, please call our membership office at 602-866-7188 or e-mail