1. Champion responsible planning in the community and establish the organization as a recognized leader in planning.
  2. Support APA Arizona planning policy agenda at the state legislature with the goal of creating an environment that supports informed decision-making and creates great communities.
  3. Actively inform decision makers about the potential detrimental effects of cuts to planning budgets or policy or legislative actions that will reduce the quality of planning in the state.
  4. Support and advocate principles and policies that support sustainable communities, affordable housing, transportation options, smart growth, healthy living, environmental justice populations and good environmental practices, including adaptation to climate variability.
  5. Become a strong educator concerning planning issues in the state.
  6. Provide leadership concerning future directions in planning and public planning issues.
  7. Be the unbiased source for technical information in the state regarding planning.
  8. Support multi-modal transportation choice and accessibility.
  9. Encourage member engagement with elected officials.